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The Great Kindness  Challenge - Virtual Classroom Edition

The GKC - Virtual Classroom Edition is a 17-week SEL-focused kindness program for grades 2-8. Using a 50-item online-friendly kindness checklist as well as 50 corresponding kindness lessons addressing core CASEL SEL competencies, students are challenged to perform 3 kind acts per week.


The GKC - Virtual Classroom Edition will crescendo during the official GKC celebration week (January 24-28, 2022). During that official week, we will unite students worldwide and celebrate the power of kindness!

GKC - Virtual Classroom Edition Tools

A  turnkey SEL-focused kindness program featuring 50 kindness mini-lessons to uplift and inspire your students.


Kindness Lessons: 

Student Fliers


The SEL-focused kindness lessons are designed to provide 15 to 30 minutes of interaction, reflection and fun! Each act of kindness from the virtual classroom edition checklist has a corresponding kindness lesson.


The easily sharable lessons include a visually captivating student flyer with art from youth around the world (available in PDF, JPEG, Google slides & PowerPoint).


Lessons featuring happy quotes, interesting facts, physical energizers and fun activities will uplift students and inspire them to extend their kindness out to the world!


Kindness Lessons:
Teacher Guides

The kindness lessons: teacher guides are turnkey and make the facilitation of the 50 kindness lessons a breeze!


There is minimal prep time required. It's simple: teachers read through the guide and let the activities and joy unfold!

English 2022 GKC Chcecklist_Virtual Classroom Edition.png

The Virtual Classroom Edition Kindness Checklist

Students are challenged to perform 3 acts of kindness per week beginning the week of September 7th. They will use the GKC -Virtual Classroom Edition checklist to keep track of their progress up until Great Kindness Challenge celebration week January 24-28, 2022.


The kind acts on the kindness checklist focus on key kindness concepts: 

  • caring (incl. self-care)

  • respect

  • gratitude

  • inclusiveness


The Great Kindness Challenge is an action-based program and the kindness concepts are internalized through the hands-on experiences.

COVER_GKC-Virtual Classroom Edition Toolkit 2021-2022.png

GKC - Virtual Classroom  Edition Toolkit 

To enhance the GKC - Virtual Classroom Edition experience and multiply the impact on your students, school, community and the world, we have adapted our favorite A-Z Ideas. 


The Toolkit includes: 

  • Getting Ready Guide

  • Info Flyer

  • Kindness Mini-Lessons - Suggested Schedule

  • A-Z Ideas

  • And more!

GKC - Virtual Classroom Edition Pricing

We are a nonprofit organization and we have proudly offered The Great Kindness Challenge at no cost to all schools for 11 years. Like many other nonprofits, the pandemic has affected our ability to raise funds to support our important work.


To ensure we can continue providing tools, resources and inspiration to communities far and wide, we are asking for a nominal donation for the 50 turnkey SEL-focused kindness lessons.

However, we absolutely do not want the cost to prohibit any class, school or district from participating in The Great Kindness Challenge. If constrained financially, we will happily grant you access to all tools FREE of charge.

Thank you for supporting our work. We are truly grateful!



For individual classroom teachers, so that they may incorporate the program into their instruction.



For schools to implement the program school-wide and share resources with all school teachers.

School District 

$250 - $500

For small districts (10 schools and less) and big districts (11 schools and more) to share resources with all schools district-wide.

Free Access 


For any financially constrained teacher, school or district. 

Or for those whose school or district already purchased a plan.

More SEL-focused Kindness Lessons Examples

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