The Great Kindness  Challenge - On Campus With Social Distancing

The Great Kindness Challenge - On Campus With Social Distancing Edition is designed to be implemented on campus and it will take place during the official GKC week of January 25-29, 2021 (or whenever is best for your school).


The 2020-2021 Great Kindness Challenge Toolkit includes adaptations with social distancing precautions and the safety of our students, families and school staff members in mind. We believe the activities can be safely implemented on campus, however, we do ask that you carefully evaluate which activities fall in line with the health and safety protocols implemented specifically by your school and your local government. 

On Campus With Social Distancing Tools

All schools that are officially registered for The Great Kindness Challenge may access the 2020-2021 GKC - On Campus With Social Distancing tools from the GKC tools page. If you are not registered yet, you will prompted to sign up. Thank you!

GKC - School Edition_Socially Distanced.

GKC - On Campus With Social Distancing

Kindness Checklist

During the official Great Kindness Challenge week (January 25-29, 2021) students are challenged to complete 50 acts of kindness from this kindness checklist. 


The kind acts on the kindness checklist focus on key kindness concepts: 

  • caring (incl. self-care)

  • respect

  • gratitude

  • inclusiveness


The Great Kindness Challenge is an action-based program and the kindness concepts are internalized through the hands-on experiences.

GKC - Junior Edition_Socially Distanced.

GKC - Junior Edition Socially Distanced

Kindness Checklist

For our PreK - 1 grade students, we offer an abbreviated kindness checklist. 

GKC - Hybrid Edition Checklist.jpg

GKC - Hybrid Edition Checklist

For students learning virtually and in person. 

GKC Toolkit 2020-2021_Cover.jpg

2020 - 2021 GKC Toolkit 

This toolkit will tell you everything you need to know in order to make this program successful at your school.


The Toolkit includes: 

  • Getting Ready Guide

  • Info Flyers & Parent Letters

  • Weekly Schedule Samples

  • A-Z Ideas 

  • Media Kit

  • And more!

Getting Ready

GKC 2021 Save the Date.jpg

Save the Date

The Great Kindness Challenge_Info Flyer.

The Great Kindness Challenge - Info Flyer