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Kindness Mini-Lessons - 17-Week Schedule

Kindness Lessons -

17-Week Schedule

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Kindness Lessons -

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SEL-focused Kindness Lessons

Accessing & Editing Kindness Lessons

Each lesson is available for download in the following formats: JPEG, PDF, PowerPoint and Google Slides. Please note that Google Slides are only shared in a "view only" mode. If you wish to edit a Google Slide lesson, please copy the slide and insert it into your existing or a new presentation.  

1. Smile at 25 people.

Available in a"view only" access.

To edit, please copy and paste into your slides. 

2. Place a nice note on a family member's pillow.
4. Pick up 10 pieces of trash in your neighborhood.
5. Bond with your classmates with a Scavenger House Hunt game.
8. Be kind to yourself & create an I Am poster.
11. Be kind to yourself & take a Breather Break.
12. Cut out & decorate a Happy Heart & place in a window.
14. Be kind to yourself & do 10 one-minute exercises.
16. Make & display a thank you sign for essential workers.
19. Write a note of friendship for The Great Toy Giveaway.
21. Make & deliver a happy card to a senior friend.
22. Learn something new about a different culture.
23. Write a thank you note to your mail carrier.
24. Invent a kind handshake with a family member.
25. Donate toys, clothes or books to a charity or someone in need.
26. Make & display 10 positive notes around your house.
28. Call or video chat your grandparent or esteemed elder.
31. Say “hi” or cheer someone up who looks sad.
32. Decorate a kindness rock & randomly place it.
33. Make 10 messages of love & hope for Linked By Love.
36. Take a family walk and look for Happy Hearts.
38. Show appreciation to your principal creatively.
39. Be kind to the earth & make a cardboard creation.
40. Make a friendship gift for someone new to you.
42. Go a whole day without complaining & use only positive words for the entire day.
43. Find something you have in common with a classmate.
44. Tell a current or past teacher how they’ve inspired you.
45. Prepare a healthy meal or snack for a loved one.
46. Say "sorry" to someone you may have hurt.