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The Great Kindness Challenge - Virtual Classroom Edition

We are a nonprofit organization and we have proudly offered The Great Kindness Challenge at no cost to all schools for 10 years. Like many other nonprofits, the pandemic has affected our ability to raise funds to support our important work.


To ensure we can continue providing tools, resources and inspiration to communities far and wide, we are asking for a nominal fee for the 50 turnkey SEL-focused kindness mini-lessons.

However, we absolutely do not want the cost to prohibit any class, school or district from participating in The Great Kindness Challenge. If constrained financially, we will happily grant you access to all tools FREE of charge. Simply select the "Free Access" below.

If you do not require access to the materials and would like to support our organization, please feel free to donate directly here. Thank you.




(If you want access, please select one of the options below).​


Thank you for supporting our work. We are truly grateful!