The Great Kindness Challenge and COVID-19

Whether your students are learning online, in person or through a hybrid approach, our curated Great Kindness Challenge (GKC) tools and resources support students in creating a culture of kindness and compassion while strengthening their social and emotional well-being. 

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The Great Kindness Challenge 2021 Kickoff Video

The Great Kindness Challenge

- On Campus With Social Distancing

GKC - Social Distancing Edition Icon & F

With the safety of our students, educators and staff as a top priority, our tools have been adapted with social distancing precautions in mind.


Plan for the happiest week of the year safely and responsibly with a new kindness checklist and adaptations of our favorite A-Z Ideas!

The Great Kindness Challenge

 - Virtual Classroom Edition

GKC - Virtual Classroom Edition Announce

Schools engaged in virtual learning are invited to implement the new Great Kindness Challenge - Virtual Classroom Edition, a 17-week kindness program for grades 2-8.


Featuring the new online-friendly kindness checklist and 50 corresponding SEL-focused kindness mini-lessons, students will actively create a culture of kindness while strengthening their social and emotional well-being.

Please note, that you will need to create a separate/additional account from the GKC- On Campus With Social Distancing tools.

Save the Date

Whether you decide to implement the GKC - Virtual Classroom Edition or the GKC - On Campus With Social Distancing Edition, we will unite all participating students during the official Great Kindness Challenge celebration week. Be sure to save the date - January 25-29, 2021!

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NEW GKC - Virtual Classroom Edition Tools At A Glance

English 2021 GKC Chcecklist_Virtual Clas
GKC - Virtual Classroom Edition Checklist
50 Kindness Mini-Lessons:
Student Fliers
(available in PDF, JPEG, Google slides, PowerPoint)
50 Kindness Mini-Lessons:
Teacher Guides
(available in PDF, JPEG, Google slides, PowerPoint)
GKC-Virtual Classroom Edition_Toolkit Co
GKC  - Virtual Classroom Edition Toolkit

Access GKC - Virtual Classroom Edition Tools



For individual classroom teachers, so that they may incorporate the program into their instruction.



For schools to implement the program school-wide and share resources with all school teachers.

School District 

$250 - $500

For small districts (10 schools and less) and big districts (11 schools and more) to share resources with all schools district-wide.

Free Access 


For any financially constrained teacher, school or district. 

Or for those whose school or district already purchased a plan.